Thursday, October 3, 2013

[Gaming] L4D 2, Linux vs Windows, performance comparison.

Hello guys! Today I have prepared a comparison of performance in L4D 2 on Windows and Linux for you. Results are for the classic Windows, and Windows using GameBooster from Razer. On Linux, using Bumblebee, and native NVIDIA drivers.

Tested on highest details. Resolution: 1366x768

My system:

Linux Mint 15 - MATE 64 bit.
Windows professional 64 bit.

My HW:

Lenovo G580 AH
Intel Core i5 3210M
NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M

Tested on 30th September 2013:

Average FPS on Windows using GameBooster: 60
Average FPS on Windows: 58
Average FPS on Linux with native drivers: 45

Tested on 6th May 2013 (old test):

Average FPS on Linux with Bumblebee: 55
Average FPS on Windows using GameBooster: 43
Average FPS on Windows: 24

I was surprised that the performance on windows had improved a lot compared to the previous tests. 
I was also suprised that the performance on linux dropped so much. Dont know if it is due to native drivers, or something gone bad. Feel free to share your opinion!

Screens Linux with Bumblebee (old):

Screens Linux with native drivers:

Screens Windows:

Screens Windows with GameBooster:

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